Call it peanut, groundnut or a monkey nut, these small, oval shaped nuts were perhaps one of the first few domesticated grain legumes by the mankind. Not so long ago, these seeds or legumes, that are crunchy, flavourful and aromatic to the taste- thanks to its high oil content were a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens.

Nutrition :

Groundnuts are abundant in protein, healthy fats and dietary fibre. Groundnuts are immensely rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus and B vitamins which offers you with a host of health benefits. Groundnuts are a great blend of healthy fats, protein and fibre that curbs your appetite, lowers the risk of heart disease and regulates blood glucose levels.

Advantages of Moongfali

  • Controls Diabetes
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Boosts Memory
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